What Is The Professional Display Of Clothing Store?

What Is The Professional Display Of Clothing Store?

Opening a clothing store, many factors will affect the quality of business, shop furniture garment display is one of the important factors. If you don't do well, it will affect the customers' perception of the store. If you don't want to stop to watch or enter the store, the business in the store will certainly not be good. Only a good display can attract customers and increase sales. Mastering the following six details can make clothing display play a great role.


1、Comparative display

It refers to the contrast design used in the color, texture and style of clothing commodities, or in the jewelry furniture design of composition, lighting, decoration, props, Exhibition cabinets and exhibition stands, so as to form the contrast between the exhibits and achieve the display effect of clear primary and secondary and mutual foil.

This way can achieve the purpose of highlighting new products, unique products, promotional products and other major products. The features are: strong contrast, prominent center, obvious visual effect, which greatly enhances the expressiveness and appeal of the displayed goods.


2、Repeat display

It refers to the same commodity, decoration and other display subjects or signs, advertisements, etc., which appear repeatedly in a certain range or on different display surfaces. Through repeated emphasis and suggestive means, it can strengthen customers' visual experience of clothing commodities or brands.

The characteristics are: make customers suffer repeated visual impact, so that they can be strengthened in feeling and impression for many times, and have the suggestive function of "the product is the only choice", which can make customers leave a very good impression.


3、Object display

Its meaning is: by highlighting the functions and characteristics of the product, or by using props and mobile landscaping means, it emphasizes the target customers of the product, so that the display and publicity have a clear goal, and it can strengthen the communication with customers, help to improve the affinity with customers, and achieve the role of attracting customers' interest and interest.

Features: clear goal, prominent theme, strong symbol, concentrated influence, so that customers have a sense of belonging.


4、Hierarchical display

It is to place different products of the same selling point, different products of the same brand and different consumption needs in order according to certain classification methods, so that customers can quickly determine their own purchase objectives, and make choices and purchases conveniently and quickly.

For example, it can be divided into: fashion products, best-selling products and long-term products; high-R products, medium-sized products and low-end products; series products, complete products and single products; main products, supporting products and clothing accessories, etc.

Features: clear classification, distinct primary and secondary, prominent logo, which can attract different types of customers, facilitate customer comparison and selection, and easily create a warm atmosphere.


5、Scene display

It refers to the use of commodities, ornaments, backgrounds and lights to form scenes of different seasons, different living spaces, different natural environments and different artistic sentiments, giving people a strong sense of life.

However, we should pay attention to the embodiment of the sense of reality, the creation of sentiment and atmosphere, and emphasize the artistry and innovation, so that people can not only get inspiration and aesthetic enjoyment, but also have a sense of immersive.

At the same time, vividly and vividly explain the use and characteristics of clothing commodities, so as to play a guiding role for customers.


6. Advertising display

It refers to the display mode that emphasizes the advertising effect by using print advertising, various types of pop, live video advertising and voice advertising.

Advertising display is generally more suitable for brand clothing and promotional products. The purpose of this method is to attract customers' attention to clothing brand or commodity characteristics, deepen customers' understanding of the brand, and make customers have a very deep impression.

It is characterized by vivid image, visual impact and strong publicity, which is conducive to forming brand association and strengthening cognition.

If there is no way to display design and create beauty, good-looking clothes will not be found. People often say that the beauty in life is everywhere, not the lack of beauty, but the lack of eyes to find beauty. And a good display design is to help you find beauty!

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