The Style Features Of European Jewelry Exhibition Showcase

The Style Features Of European Jewelry Exhibition Showcase

The design of European style jewelry exhibition showcase style, including booth, glass, wall and ceiling, etc., and the European style is mostly the spokesperson for the atmosphere and luxury. In fact, the European style has a variety of characteristics. Today's edition will give you a brief overview of the European style of jewelry exhibition booth:


I. reasons for European style luxury

     European style mostly refers to the design of pre Rome, North America and other regions, such as Britain, France, North America, etc., which mainly pursues the open space and noble design, emphasizing the humanistic and aristocratic atmosphere. Therefore, the exhibition stand and showcase designed in European style often give people a feeling of grand and luxurious atmosphere. At the same time, China may have a false vision of European countries, so European design is in the same place To some extent, although some people do not know this style, it will also produce a sense of dignity and development.


II. Two main styles of design and production of European style exhibition stand and jewelry exhibition showcase

The two main styles of the design and production of the European style booth jewelry display showcase are Roman style and Baroque style, which are solemn and modern, and the aristocratic design adopts the smooth and natural method.


III. what are the characteristics of the design and production of European style exhibition stand and jewelry exhibition showcase?

1. The emphasis on surface decoration, such as carving, carving and other treatments, will diversify the original monotonous design, and at the same time, it will consider simplicity, not overuse;

2. The ceiling chandelier uses European flower lamps to set off the whole store (this is not necessary);

3. It has a certain religious atmosphere and gives people a sense of solemn literature and art;

4. Emphasis on change and sportiness. For the design and production of the jewelry display showcase of the exhibition stand, emphasis on the change of sportiness. Through the arc jewelry display showcase, ring ceiling and other methods, the change will be brought into the whole store decoration design.

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