Suggestions On The Maintenance And Material Of Jewelry Display Showcase

Suggestions On The Maintenance And Material Of Jewelry Display Showcase

 Display showcases are now used in many occasions, such as supermarkets, mobile digital stores, jewelry stores and so on. In particular, there are many applications in jewelry stores, and the flow of people in jewelry stores is more, and the "pollution" of Exhibition showcases is more serious. Especially for some children, they are curious and like to touch randomly. Sometimes they also touch the jewelry display showcase with food in their hands. If the time is long, the later cleaning is difficult to deal with. But how much do we know about the Exhibition showcases? At present, wood is used as the main material in domestic exhibition showcases. Of course, there are other counters such as glass counter and stainless steel counter. From these materials, we should also feel that only wooden display showcases need to be higher-end.


Maybe it's author who knows different things. Here are some suggestions for the maintenance of Jewelry Exhibition showcases. Due to its special material, Jewelry Exhibition showcases need to pay special attention to ventilation and dryness. As a professional manufacturer of all kinds of Exhibition showcases, Foshan net has rich experience in maintenance. We can see that there are clean places in the jewelry exhibition showcase. You can use white vinegar and hot water to mix with each other in a ratio of 1:1 to wipe the stains on the surface of the jewelry exhibition showcase. If the stains are difficult to remove, you can let the vinegar water stay on the surface of the stains a little, and then use a soft cloth to wipe them. Or soak it in milk with a clean rag, and then use the rag to wipe the table and other wooden nets to set up Jewelry Exhibition showcases, so the effect of removing dirt is very good. Finally, remember to wipe it with water again, or there will be milk residue and milk smell. This method is suitable for many kinds of jewelry display showcases, such as leather, paint, marble, Baoli board, etc. These two methods are rarely used by people. They are usually wrapped with gauze and wiped with slightly wet tea dregs, because they do not need to be prepared specially.


It is mainly made of environment-friendly wood material, special fire-proof board, various decorative materials and glass cover. Shelves for some jewelry. In the application of jewelry shop, it is inevitable that the net set jewelry display showcase will be "polluted". Only in the daily situation, do a good job in cleaning, keep the display showcase clean for a long time, avoid the consequences of corrosion, and ensure its service life.


If the wooden materials used in the display showcase are not very dry, the display showcase will break or change over time. The most obvious thing to realize is that the whole table of the jewelry counter is not smooth and there is a small tilt. This is some problems to be noticed in the wooden jewelry display showcase in the display showcase, especially after summer, your counter will have serious problems, so Pay attention to this aspect when buying jewelry shop interior design showcases.

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