Stainless Steel Jewelry Showcase Improves The Display Level Of The Showcase

Stainless Steel Jewelry Showcase Improves The Display Level Of The Showcase

Stainless steel jewelry showcase has always been sought after by people, because it decorates the texture and color of jewelry display cabinet, enriches the style change of jewelry showcase and improves the display level of jewelry showcase. There are two ways of stainless steel plating, one is vacuum plating, the other is water plating. Most of the jewelry showcases are vacuum plated.

Only for cartier style copper color, water plating is used. The color of copper plating series has one more process, so the cost will be higher than that of other colors, such as rose gold. The main difference in jewelry showcase is the material. When some jewelry display cabinet manufacturers offer jewelry cabinet and showcase, they clearly say that 304 stainless steel is used, but 202201 and other stainless steel are used in the production process, so the price is seriously compressed, so the access is in these places.


A 202 stainless steel, made of blank, before electroplating, generally around 1200, 304 around 1800. If plating rose gold, titanium gold, champagne gold and other colors cost about 200 square meters, 5 sides, about 4.14 square meters, that is, about 828. The cost of glass is about 250, and the labor force 400 includes the installation guarantee (this does not include the professional master, whose labor is more expensive), and the cost of LED light bar 300. So the 202 material is about 2900. If the color of ancient copper is made, it will be higher. The price of water plating is about 400 square meters.


The use of stainless steel in jewelry showcase is to improve the quality and display effect. Therefore, the production process of stainless steel jewelry display cabinet must be rigorous and precise. If something goes wrong, the quality of jewelry showcase will be reduced. The level of fineness determines the quality of jewelry showcase and directly affects the sales of the store. Its stainless steel itself has glossiness, and then after electroplating, if electroplated into bronze, that is, Cartier style. Bronze color means healthy and sexy skin color, which is more popular. In the same way, the bronze stainless steel jewelry showcase is also very popular, which also implies health and sexy, which is what we yearn for. If electroplated into rose gold, titanium gold.

These colors represent fashion and passion elements. Rose gold symbolizes romantic and warm love, while titanium gold, like its name, is solid and corrosion-resistant. Just as love is stronger than gold and the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten. Jewelry showcases and decoration stores made of these two colors are sure to be popular among young people.

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