Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka shoes and garment shop decoration,  it is a big shop and more display. In addition to the display area and work area, almost all of a store is customer people-flow area, which can be complex or simple to set up. In terms of complexity, it is necessary to consider the relationship between product experience and human-flow habits in general people-flow area, the accessibility of human-flow area and the conscious guidance of customers to the main consumption recommendation area, as well as the flexibility of human-flow in the channel and other factors. Simply put, channel people-flow must make it easy for the customer to buy what he or she wants, and even more so to be able to buy what you want him or her to buy.

   So between shelves built store display furniture into the best channel flexibility is stronger, whatever the arrangement of the store display furniture for retail stores shelves, vertical, 45 degrees, 90 degrees of free circulation type and so on should be from the content of the management to consider the change in the flexible, this also means that under the general using combined the better, of course for some small stores and small supermarket, retail shelves wholesalestore display furniture supplier,  fixed layout can also be considered. A store light can be said to be the soul of the whole store, summer use white light, with yellow light, winter with yellow light, window with blue light, white light is cold atmosphere, yellow light gives a warm feeling, blue light gives a mysterious feeling.

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