kaierda's 20th Anniversary

Kaierda's 20th Anniversary

How time flies, blink has been too nearly 20 years. In 1999, a small factory of exhibition rack customization and production was established, we insist on the concept of quality first, customer first, after 20 years of hard work, kaierda has developed into a national exhibition rack design and production, stores and malls into a series of props famous brand manufacturers. At first, kaierda is a hardware workshop. Through hard work and innovation, now we have developed into twenty thousand square meters, specialized in clothes rack, shoe store display rack, jewelry display rack, make-up display rack, watches glass display rack and shop design. Our company more than one hundred workers and have five professional QC and five workshops factory, now kaierda is comprehensive, design and high quality production company. Costume props display rack design is mainly to meet the aesthetic point of view of the public, the costume display rack is used to display its clothes display shelf, The use of clothing shelves is to better display the three-dimensional effect of fine clothing, The effect of attracting customers' eyes and stimulating their purchasing desire. With the development of fashion brands, The current clothing store rack design from the texture. The style has been greatly improved. Kaierda display rack company design has always been in the forefront of the times, design and production of exhibition rack around the world in various countries and regions. Today, the boss and staff have a good trip. All of them drifted together. Yes, that is drifting. The rafting course is divided into two stages: dragon race, raptors race. Flying dragon is the largest drifting circuit in China with a distance of 6.1 kilometers and a drop of 378 meters. It is cool and refreshing, adventure and excited. Then, we have a big party, we all dine together, sing together, and lucky draw. The boss The boss prepared many gifts. It's a happy day, memorable day.


In the future, kaierda will be even more wonderful. 





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