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kaierda is a clothing display stand manufacturers, clothes display rack custom factory and clothing display rack suppliers from design to production to export trade to installation, one-stop service enterprises.As a clothing store display supplies, our company has been established for more than 10 years, undertaking projects throughout the large and medium-sized shopping malls and shops at home and abroad, and has been unanimously recognized by customers. Our company has its own factory buildings, more than 2000 square meters. It is equipped with dozens of professionals. From the design to the end of product production, it has complete supporting facilities and a variety of materials. Moreover, it is equipped with fully automatic production equipment to accurately carry out cutting, folding, carving and other processes. Our company has special designers who can design various kinds of clothing, jewelry, mobile phones and other display cabinets suitable for customers according to different products and venues. The materials of the shelves are also different: hardware, wood, plastic, etc. Display cabinets include: Men's low cabinet, European men's wear, European cash register


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    Foshan Kaierda Display Furniture Co., Ltd.

    We provide customers with quality display rack like jewelry display showcase and store display furniture with high-quality services.


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