Italian Jewelry Cabinet

Italian Jewelry Cabinet

Italian jewelry has distinctive jewelry craft, in early years, Italian jewelry style was deeply influenced by the Etruscan civilization before the Roman period, and respected gold to the full, no matter men and women like to wear gold jewelry. Gold jewelry was also seen as an amulet to protect yourself and your family. Nowadays, gold is also an important material in Italian jewelry design. Vicenza, an international jewelry exhibition held every year, is also known as the city of gold. Design vogue, work exquisite silver is acted the role of, bold and haggard chromatic gem and semiprecious stone, formed the Italian gem that blends in meeting ancient and modern, individual character makes public jointly. Of course, the rich cultural and artistic tradition alone is not enough to make Italian design today. Italians love and persist in their own traditions, are meticulous about life and beauty, and pursue the acme of art, which is the reason for the true achievement of today's Italian style.

The exquisite craftsmanship has created many excellent products and spawned many famous jewelry brands, some of which are now the industry leaders and the top of the jewelry industry. Display design is a kind of human creative design, a good store shelves to let a person look good to the naked eye, and can attract consumers for you to stay at the first glance, jewelry cases, for example, if the jewellery shop counter design all aspects such as color, material, design let people like, coupled with the strength of the jewelry brand, to attract consumers or larger. Its design should focus on the advantages of goods to carry out a variety of publicity work: jewelry display furniture wholesale make good use of the display cabinet to play the role of corporate image spokesman, use the jewelry display showcase furniture display cabinet for good display and decoration of goods, people are very interested in novelty, which requires the display cabinet design to be different. 

We are jewelry kiosk suppliers, the jewelry exhibition cabinet of an exhibition comes from the drawings of jewelry exhibition cabinet designers. Through these drawings, designers can examine, weigh, enrich, modify and improve their own design schemes. Meanwhile, they can also let the cooperation personnel of all parties understand the thoughts of the jewellery shop furniture  designers and the relevant information of the planning schemes in an abstract and intuitive way.


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