Jewellery shop counter custom design

Jewellery shop counter custom design

Jewelry showcase manufacturers tell you why jewelry showcase to choose custom?




The quality that bespoke gem shows ark above all is very important. Many customers choose some unqualified jewelry display cabinets to save costs, people want to save costs from materials, accessories, craft and other aspects, so it is not good, later use will have a lot of problems.

The jewellery shop counter use of accessories and the quality of accessories are very important. The LED light bar on common jewelry display cabinet is the most common. But for high-end jewelry cases. When choosing lamps and lanterns, you will have your own pressure. The color of the jewelry display lamp will be determined according to whether the customer displays jewelry or gold. General gold is the use of warm lighting, jewelry display cabinets are generally displayed small delicate items, can be set up spotlights or optical lighting. Gold jewelry can use cold light cup to have light, argent or gem product can be used to illuminate sunshine cup because produce heat, should consider to show the heat dissipation element of ark undertakes processing. If the project cost allows, using optical fiber lighting is a good choice. Its advantage is won't bring too much quantity of heat to show ark to highlight show article.




The color of the regular jewellery shop counter depends on the customer's color, and at the same time, you will find that the color is the same as the color of stainless steel, so its quality must be good. If you look like a jewellery shop counter the color is plated and the paint feels the same, this means that only the surface treatment was done during the production of the jewellery shop counter. As you can imagine, this is when cutting jewellery shop counter and slowing down production. The quality of the performance of this book is absolutely incredible. The work of inferior jewelry exhibition cabinet is also not formal, we display jewelry in a piece of stainless steel, is the use of welding technology to make it perfect close to 0.001 micron density, is the most delicate workmanship, it is the embodiment of high quality jewelry exhibition cabinet.

Finally, the weight of a good jewelry display shop counter is quite heavy. It gives a sense of sincerity. Tempered glass is completely transparent, and the hardness of jewelry can feel like steel plate. Feeling is very important. It can ensure the safety of your jewelry display. When the jewelry display case is strongly impacted, the surface donation is not serious, the tempered glass is not broken, and it can withstand the heavy blow of hitting adults with a hammer. It has proved that the high quality jewelry display cabinet anti-theft function, it has been reflected from the feel.

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