How Many Types of Jewelry Display Showcase Do You Know?

How Many Types of Jewelry Display Showcase Do You Know?

Customized manufacturers have designed many kinds of display cabinets for you to choose from. Moreover, jewelry display showcase of different shapes and sizes have different functions in stores. What are the differences? Today, let's take a look at the display cabinets of different sizes and shapes, and how they play a role in the store.

1. Low jewelry display showcase. The production structure of the low cabinet is the same as that of the high cabinet, but its height is shorter than that of the high cabinet. The height is about 120 cm. According to the actual needs of the shop, two kinds of products can be made, namely, wall leaning and double-sided product display.We will use this kind of jewelry display showcase in small jewelry stores.


2. High jewelry display showcase. Also known as the back cabinet in the industry, the general height is more than 180 cm. There are two kinds of high cabinets, one is the back cabinet standing against the wall, the other is the double-sided cabinet which can display products on both sides. This kind of high cabinet is generally 240 cm high, because the size of commonly used wood is 120 * 240 cm.We will use this kind of jewelry display showcase in shopping mall or shopping center.


3. Corner jewelry display showcase. Corner cabinet is used for corner transition when two rows of front cabinets need to intersect. The length and width of the corner cabinet are not large, but the glass cover is higher than the front cabinet, which can mainly display a single product. On the one hand, the corner cabinet ensures the overall beauty of the front cabinet; on the one hand, it can mainly display a single commodity; on the other hand, it can make full use of space.This kind of jewelry display showcase is often used in exhibitions.



4. Front jewelry display showcase. The front cabinet is often used in jewelry display showcase, jade, gold, jewelry, watches, glasses and other Exhibition cabinets. Most have glass covers. There are two kinds of glass covers: ordinary clear glass and ultra white glass. The first function of the glass cover is to protect the display goods. The specification size is usually 100 * 50 * 100, and the specific size is designed according to the overall layout of the jewelry store. LED spotlight, LED strip, ordinary spotlight and other lamps can be installed inside the front cabinet.This kind of jewelry display showcase will be used in jewelry stores.


5. Water table. The flow stage is also called the display stage. It responds to the shop window and directly displays the style characteristics of the jewelry store and the main service crowd. According to the ergonomics, the height of the running water table is generally 75cm-95cm, which is usually set at the entrance of the jewelry shop to cooperate with the window to attract customers. The common two are situational atmosphere display and recommended product display.This kind of jewelry showcase is often used in jewelry stores.


6. Middle island jewelry display showcase. As the name implies, "Zhongdao" is a movable and increasable independent jewelry cabinet placed in the middle of the whole exhibition hall. As far as possible, Nakajima is placed in the main channel of the exhibition hall, facing customers. Only in this way can the products be displayed to customers directly. The arrangement forms are: parallel type, radiation type, symmetry type, coupling type, gradual change type, etc.This kind of jewelry showcase is often used in jewelry stores.

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The above content introduces six kinds of jewelry cabinets with different shapes, mainly including low cabinet, high cabinet, corner cabinet, front cabinet, water table and Nakajima, which are also frequently used in business and market. If you want to buy such products, you can choose the appropriate style according to your own needs and the content described above. I hope you can choose one Satisfactory products.

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