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Shop decoration design and exhibition cabinet design process must take into account regional factors mainly refers to the display cabinet shape and size and how to arrange the location between various parts, these characteristics to the initial perception of the exhibition cabinet design process should be taken into account the primary factors. Display cabinet design and product display mutual integration, so that display cabinet and product display revealed between the smell of product sales, so successful product display and display cabinet itself is a static salesman.In the display rack design and production, also should pay attention to the coordination of all aspects of the store, brand, product, user, and from the point, line, surface to better display cabinet design, with innovation-driven mechanism to produce creative display cabinet to make the brand in the market stand out. Show wear design to also want to accomplish perfect in detail place, want to be able to reflect those who show ark is practical.


Custom jewelry display cabinet ultimate purpose is to better display and sell jewelry to customers, therefore, the scene layout should not only cause customer resonance and visual aesthetic enjoyment, at the same time, but also to effectively convey the design concept of jewelry, characteristics, and then induce customer desire to buy. Make the key that makes a person exciting setting, besides those who emphasize at dimensional feeling to make and emotional appeal, atmosphere build outside, artistic quality and innovation also are equally important. Through the addition of specific elements, to further create a brand culture atmosphere; The resonance of different characteristic elements and space can be matched with a fashionable and unique atmosphere. If you want to know more about how to customize the jewelry display showcase, you can consult us. 20 years experiences and big designer team, we are 24 hours online, providing professional quality service.




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