Factory wholesale cosmetic display shelves display cosmetic cabinets
Factory wholesale cosmetic display shelves display cosmetic cabinets

Factory wholesale cosmetic display shelves display cosmetic cabinets

Model No.: KEDJ1925
Color & Size: Customized
Delivery Time: 25Working Days
MOQ: 10 Pcs; OR 1 Shop
Experience: 20 Years
Main Material: MDF, Solid wood, Acrylic, Iron, Stainless steel
Surface Effect: Veneered, Powder coated, Spay painted, Brushed
Optional Fitting: LED, Metal halide, Power-saving Ligh, etc
Function: Display Products To Attract Customers And Promot Sales
Installation: Detailed Installation Introduction And Professional Installation Guide
1. 3 years against manufacturer defect of the product
2. Offer lifetime concultation on problem occured
Packing: EPE Cotton--Bubble Pack--Corner Protector--Craft Paper--Wood box
Freight: According to Gross Weight,CBM,type of shipment
Form of Sale: Manufactural direct sale
T/T, Trade Assurance
40% deposit in advance, 60% balance before loading in the factory

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Factory wholesale cosmetic display shelves display cosmetic cabinets. The first thing we see when we walk into the mall is the cosmetics display cabinet. The primary effect of the cosmetics display cabinet is to bring a packaging effect to cosmetics. Why is it the packaging effect? Because the planning that shows ark to the cosmetic still has the illuminate below lamplight two effect, can attract the eyeball of the client, come again is the foil that shows ark in cosmetic next can make cosmetic looks more exquisite, promote consumer buy desire. Cosmetic shows ark to be able to plan on the exterior together beautiful, can have so surely advocate effect, and the businessman also can take this opportunity to undertake to cosmetic advocate, in order to attract more consumer. Cosmetics display cabinet is used to display cosmetics, so that the layout of its cosmetics have a rational, to facilitate the viewing and selection of customers. Cosmetics display cabinet must be based on different space size and the conditions given by customers to plan out a personalized cosmetics display cabinet, to only in the space as much as possible to show the interests of the cabinet, the other side of the cosmetics display cabinet to more perfect display in front of customers.




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