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September purchasing festival, kaierda shop display shelf company President Deng invited more than 10 enterprises and industry media friends to share the exchanges.

"Efficiency is very important for every business." Kaierda display shelves company President Deng believes that improved customer efficiency and reduced their costs. Standardization improves efficiency, reduces costs, and contributes to the profitability of individual retail stores wholesale display shelves .

Kaierda shop furniture ltd., founded in 1999, first focused on the design and manufacture of clothing display system, display stand manufacturer. By now, it has accumulated the experience of about 30,000 clothing stores, which are located in major business fields around the world.

Reporter ask questions: in response to the changes in the retail industry, what new products and technologies does your company have? What advantages does your company's plan have compared with the industry?

President Deng answer that our advantage lies in quality. First, quality is the life of our whole enterprise. Second, the cost is controllable. As the first terminal solution of the apparel retail industry in China, the biggest cost is controllable. We have our own factory, which has built a 20,000 square meter factory, which provides us with a great advantage in terms of labor and land use in the future. With the development of modern science and technology, the material of the shelf is no longer limited to the traditional technique material and metal, and many high technology and high aesthetics materials are also used in the design of the shelf of the sword, which provides a wider choice for the fitter. For example, in foreign countries, there is a tendency to replace wood and metal with fiberglass and glass with plexiglass. Therefore, while considering the functionality of the shelves, the operators of clothing brand stores should also have requirements for the modern sense of the forms of the shelves, so as to improve the design level of the interior image. In general, production and distribution operations are more sensitive to delivery times when there is no buffer inventory. Whether it is production materials or finished products, logistics distribution affects its inventory to some extent. Therefore, through the establishment of a complete logistics system and the implementation of reasonable distribution, enterprises can timely deliver the goods produced in accordance with the order to users, and reduce inventory through in-transit transportation and circulation processing of the goods in the process. Enterprises can realize zero inventory by adopting standard zero inventory supply operation mode and reasonable distribution system, so that goods can be stored in transportation.

Reporter ask questions: Do you think that the promotion of the whole store image, kaierda as the terminal design and production, the overall solution provider, can bring them what kind of value increase?
President Deng answer,  we are very focused on fast solutions because efficiency is very important for every enterprise. This virtually improves customer efficiency and reduces their costs.

Reporter ask questions: at present, what kind of professional customers do we have? President Deng answer: currently, our customers are 4US, ZARA of Spain, H&M of Sweden...

Through communication, sharing and learning, we are full of confidence in the company and will break new goals in September.




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