How To Arrange The Display Showcase Of Clothing Store To Make The Effect Better?

How To Arrange The Display Showcase Of Clothing Store To Make The Effect Better?

We all know that the overall feeling of a store can bring orderly and complete shopping experience to customers, and this overall feeling is based on the unilateral effect of Exhibition showcases such as material, color, size and shape characteristics, as well as the consistency and harmony between Exhibition showcases and commodities, as well as the collocation between exhibition showcases and the whole space of the store.

This kind of display showcase can be seen in many industries. For example, in most cases of our clothing display showcase, the integrated Fiberboard at the bottom of the upper part of the glass is used. The whole circular display showcase surrounds the middle column and achieves the overall sense of light through the light of the column and the LED light in the glass display showcase, while the surrounding areas of the circular display showcase are similar in size and shape To the product display showcase.


In addition to the exhibition area and work area, almost all the other areas in a store are customer person flow areas. The setting of person flow areas can be complex or simple. In terms of complexity, the relationship between commodity experience and people flow habits should be considered in the general people flow area. People flow area should be connected in all directions and guide customers to the main consumption recommendation area consciously. The flexibility of people flow channel should be considered; In short, the channel person flow must make it convenient and comfortable for customers to buy what they want, and more importantly, to be able to buy what you want them to buy.

In this way, it is better to build a flexible channel between Exhibition showcases. No matter what the layout of Exhibition showcases is, 90 degree vertical, 45 degree vertical, free circulation and so on, flexible changes should be considered from the content of operation, which means that the combination of Exhibition showcases will be better. Of course, for some small stores and small supermarkets, fixed The fixed layout can also be considered. The light of a store can be said to be the soul of the whole store. White light is used in summer, with yellow light, with yellow light in winter, and with blue light in the window. The white light gives people a cold atmosphere, yellow light gives people a warm feeling, and blue light gives people a mysterious feeling.

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