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The cosmetics display shelves in the exhibition usually play foil exhibits, foil the role of space atmosphere. The retail makeup display stand shape, color, material, texture and other aspects of the wood makeup shelf must be consistent with the style of the display environment, the nature of the display and the characteristics of the exhibits. The size and characteristics of the exhibits determine the form and characteristics of the cosmetic display exhibition. The cosmetic display contracted style, dismounting packages. The material has stainless steel, E1 MDF, tempered glass, acrylic. The MDF coated any color or veneer finished. It is standard size or custom size accordding customer's requirements.

About the makeup cosmetic display stand. Kaierda display furniture company is one of the biggest cosmetic display stand suppliers, and wholesale cosmetic display stands, we have its own professional team, including management, R & D, design, production, and sales.

All the display furniture are independently completed by ourselves from product design to produce. Besides, we will introduce new showcases from time to time. Customers are all over the world. Because we have the best quality, best price, and best service. We can custom design cosmetic display cabinet and cosmetic display furniture for retails store. You can contact us for more top quality cosmetic display stand details.

  • Cosmetics display shelves supply by kaierda cosmetic display stand suppliers. We are specializing in wholesale cosmetic display stands for more than 10 years. Our cosmetics display shelves are generally aimed at female consumers, and the cosmetic shop display cabinet is a way to show this consumer goods to women, cosmetics display and location will have a direct impact on its sales.

    There are some characteristics of cosmetics display shelves we have done:
    (1)Layered design can increase storage space, layers structure can be combined according to their own needs. The modern and simple fashion style brings a brand-new feeling to the whole shop
    (2)High-temperature resistance, high brightness, after layers  process, luster flash the whole store space
    (3)Thickened MDF, laminate without deformation.
    (4)The side is equipped with an additional stop bar design to prevent items from falling, which is safer and more intimate. The structure is stable and durable.
    (5)Material selection: cosmetic display cabinet mainly based on wood (medium fiber board / MDF, splint, etc.) materials, surface painting / baking paint, natural veneer, wood grain paper, with acrylic or glass and lamps and so on.
    (6)Light selection: LED special lamps, ordinary pillar type luxury spotlights, color tone for cold light source lamps, warm color lamps according to color temperature standards (specifically, color temperature parameters as standard
    (7)Finishing: The cosmetic display showcase is finished from the cutting to the baking varnish, to the packaging and other processes. The environmentally friendly paint is selected, the hand feels smooth, the color is even, the gloss is good, and the paint effect can be as bright as the mirror. Bright, matte Optional. According to customer requirements.
    (8)Internal structure: hardware components and wood structure are perfectly combined. The circuit wiring inside the retail makeup display stand will be used according to the acceptance requirements of the store and the safety of the cosmetic display cabinet.

    Grasping the beauty, elegance and simplicity of the cosmetic counter design, the product is elegant, fashionable, noble and elegant. The cosmetic counter display products are full of profound cultural connotations and distinctive characteristics of the times, and become synonymous with "high-quality life", guiding people's consumption concept and the trend.

    The retail makeup display stand is a medium-to-high-end showcase with elegant appearance and decorative features. It matches the style of the products displayed and displays its unique charm for displaying all kinds of exquisite jewelry. In the design of cosmetics display shelves, many factors must be considered to attract customers and impress them, such as the choice of materials, style matching, color elements, space layout, lighting application, performance innovation. Cosmetics display shelves are impressed by the visuals, so the customer’s first impression of the store is important. Whether from the customer's point of view or from the perspective of the store.

The cosmetic display exhibition tools usually set off exhibits in the exhibition, foil the role of space atmosphere. The shape, color, material, texture and other aspects of the cosmetic display tools must be consistent with the style of the cosmetic display environment, the nature of the display rack and the characteristics of the cosmetic exhibits. The size and characteristics of the cosmetic exhibits determine the form and characteristics of the display tools. The cosmetic display tools should be selected based on the specifications and dimensions of the cosmetic display exhibits and the size of the display space. Do not blindly in the cosmetic displays of unconventional design, so that the display of tools than the main effect of the exhibition. The scale and size design of exhibition tools should meet the requirements of human engineering, which is convenient for visitors and safe without causing visual fatigue.

According to the operating categories of cosmetics design and make different specifications and forms of cosmetics display cabinets, so as to achieve the function of display cabinets and store operating commodity categories, grades and concepts should be consistent with each other. Cosmetics display cabinet design should be designed according to the overall appearance of the commercial environment, pay attention to the cosmetics image cabinet area and the overall commercial space proportion, to choose more people in the geographical location. Arc, the door on both sides of a variety of window style combination, in order to achieve a rich window style, not rigid, so that the appearance of cosmetics cabinet modeling rich artistic effect. The interior structure and facilities of cosmetics shop window design can meet the convenience of display design and display design and display layout construction, providing a guarantee for the use of display cabinets and laying a good foundation for display cabinet layout.

Material selection: MDF, solid wood board, large core board, splint, particle board, etc.
Light selection: the shop display racks contains some accessories, such as LED lights, Rays lights, ordinary bracket lights, halogen lights, cold light sources, warm lights.
Acrylic is widely used in the retail makeup display stand, acrylic beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick die assembly and convenient transportation. The cosmetics display shelves have a beautiful, noble and elegant style and good decorative effect, which can perfectly highlight the charm of the product and attract people's attention. 

What's your payment term and method?
Payment term : 40% deposit,pay balance before loading in the factory.
Payment method: Wire transfer TT
What's the delivery?
Design delivery : Depend on your feedback.
Production delivery : 25 working days after confirmed drawing and design.
 Are you a separate trading company or do you have own factory?
With the 20000 square and more than 100 worker, we have own factory and trading company. We have set up wood workshop, spray workshop, installation workshop, acrylic workshop and so on. All display showcase on sales are factory directly. 
I am going to open a new shop, could you help me ?
We can do free design for any clients. Base on above video,you know that our design team is professional. I believe we can Create a fashion store for you. We can design and make s lot of showcases what you want, including color,size...
What is your packing ?
Before we ship the goods, we must go through the strict quality inspection first, and then carry on the installation, our installation procedure is:
EPE+Bubble Film+Corner protection+paper+plywood+wood box
What is your after-sales service? Could you On-site installation?
Yes, we provide On-site installation service,it is a Perfect after-sales service: warranty for non-intentional damage in three years
b.On-site installation service
Why choose us?
a. more than 20 years experience manufacturer with our own factory.
b. Advanced equipment: laser carving, acrylic cutting, wood material cutting machines and painting equipment, etc.
c. High standard materials, up to national and international standard.
d. Exquisite design, strong productivity, fast delivery.
e. High quality and competitive price.
f. Experienced staffs and scientific management system.
How to make the design effective?
a: If you have a final design please provide us the design documents and we will exactly build your jewelry showcases.
b: If you don't have a final design, that is ok, just provide us the similar pictures you have and our designer make a scheme as your detail requests. 
c: If you don't have a final design neither similar pictures, don't worry, we will provide you some suggestion to choose and we are sure that we can provide you the best service. 
Could you help me to design my store?
Yes, we have a team of 10 highly skilled designers and 5 engineers that can bring almost any project to life.With 20 years of collective experience, our designers can take a sketch to a 3D SolidWorks model or live protoype quickly.
How about the cosmetic displays quality? Can you ensure the quality of products ?
We use high quality international standard materials. We own skillful workers with rich experience for more than 15 years. We have strictly control product quality from material purchase to package. We will have production images and videos will be send after every inspection. 

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