Clothing Display Showcase For Sale, Wall Mounted Shoe Display

We have been offering a full line of retail store display fixtures and furnitures, including wall display rack, floor free standing display rack,display table,cashier counter,cloth floor display rack, cloth display shelves, gondola shelving, slatwall, slatwall accessories and many other display fixtures to make your retail store environment up to date, attractive and increase your sales. We are one of the biggest clothes display racks manufactures, supplying clothing display showcase for sale and wall mounted shoe display racks wholesale. We have its own professional team, including management, R & D, design, production and sales.

All the clothing commercial display shelf furniture and wall mounted shelves are independently completed by ourselves from product design to produce. Besides, we will introduce new showcases from time to time. Whether you want to open a clothing retail store, clothing supermarket, you need garment shop decoration furniture, we can custom design clothes store display furniture, all can be customized, such as style, size, color, material. The material is enough, main cloth display racks material is 1.2mm 304# stainless steel, guild rails, standing led lights, and MDF paint or veneer finished. We also have samples, retail store display furniture cases for your references. Real materials, professional skills, best service, to confirm the goods high quality and customer satisfaction. Consult us for your clothing store displays and shop furniture garment display if you have any questions.

  • About clothes shop interior shop furniture garment display design of clothing stores is actually around how to effectively improve customers' awareness of the products sold. Therefore, as an intuitive way to convey information, the indoor clothing display showcase design of goods undoubtedly plays a great role in promoting sales and brand awareness.Clothing in the display shelves of the foil, the original seemingly unrelated clothing decorations cleverly combined and matched, so that a single feeling of rigid clothing fresh, thereby improving the appeal of clothing store. 

    Generally, for clothing products, which is based on display in many aspects, correlation, and combination of form a complete set of product requirements, its indoor display space does not need to actually isolation, specialty clothes and shoe store display racks, such as in a certain space environment, by color, structure layout design conceptual space division and combination, form a certain sequence of intuitive shop display form, make sure to give the customer a reasonable and effective way in the body and the line of sight in the movement of goods to convey specific information. 

    We manufacture the clothing display showcase or shoe display rack like wall mounted shoe display , we use the best material and the accessories.

    Kaierda with experienced clothing display showcase for sale and wall mounted shelves for sale at home and abroad.The clothing display showcase or shoe display rack wood part material are MDF or Solid wood, environmental protection MDF, kinds of solid wood to choice. MDF also calls fiberboard, it is the man-made board that the wood raw material such as material of tree trunk material, branch wood or other plant fiber classics hot grind, sizing, dry, hot pressing after paving makes, adhesive basically USES urea easy to reprocess, in many areas of China has been widely used, but its disadvantage is poor water resistance, which also limits its use to a certain extent.The MDF have 2 advantages, one is the MDF surface is flat, it is easy to paint, and easy to veneer. The second material uniformity, it can be milling type. About wooden surface coating, it is environmental PU paint,2 PAC paint, coated finished. PU paint commonly known as poly lipid paint, a solvent paint, wood paint, is currently the family decoration on the market more extensive paint. The PU paint have 3 advantages: fast drying, smooth film and soft luster. This good material are widely used in our garment shop decoration furniture products, the shop furniture garment display looks nice and high quality.

For clothes stores or shoe store, certain shop display and decoration skills should be used to highlight the characteristics of clothes, so as to make customers excited and generate buying impulse, so as to promote product sales and improve brand image.Clothes shop display and shoe store display rack color are the way the human eye perceives visible light. We use color, with paint and non-ferrous materials for collocation and deployment, so as to create an ideal, color coordination of the environment, from all sides of the people to convey a variety of information. In the clothing store, from the main clothing to the corresponding shoes, socks and hats, scarves and other accessories of a wide range of styles is countless. In order to distinguish the types and styles of the above products, many sellers use decorative color blocks to divide the space.                                        

It is worth noting that the color on the same shop display shelf should not be too much, especially the large color as the space background. Even if different colors are used to distinguish the goods in the whole clothing store, the color of each part should have an obvious integrity as far as possible. The display racks can use the same brightness, different colors, such as light blue and light powder combination; Also can use hue difference relatively small similar color or similar color, in order to maximize the integrity of the regional color system.

We can divide the space by redesigning the garment shop decoration furniture structure. Through the display rack design and transformation of the structure and layout of the space division, that is, according to the original building structure of the clothing store, such as the wall mounted shoe display, column, beam redesign to divide the area, to create a unique layout space. Its varied, comfortable, clear, concise and other characteristics play a very important role in the construction of the store's rhythmic dynamic space form.We have a professional designers team,having rich experience in showcase design.Just tell us what you want,and send the measurement and picture of your shop displays to us.

Our designers can take a sketch to a 3D model or live prototype quickly.We can offer performance and durability testing,and field testing to further ensure the compliance and performance meet your requirement.

About the clothes display furniture and shoe store display rack package and transportation, it is important to protect the display rack and stand complete and no damage.

Are you a factory or a trading company?
Kaierda is a factory specialized in clothes rack, display rack; also electronic display rack, jewelry display rack, make-up display rack, watches glass display rack, etc. Our factory located in Foshan China, Transport convenient and quick and nearby Foshan highway no. Since 1999, we have developed into 20000 square meters, 120 workers and 5 professional QC and 5 workshops factory, our workshop including metal, wood, painting, packing and delivery workshop.
Can you design store/shop for me?
Yes, we have an experienced design team led by our director who works in shop display design for more than 20 years. The designer can provide you the best original design solutions in a short time.
Do you have stock for your jewelry display showcase products?
No. We don't have stock since everything is customized.
How do you ensure the quality of products?
 1) High quality international standard materials
 2) Skillful workers (90%) with a rich experience for more than 10 years.
 3) Strictly control product quality from material purchase to package. 
 4) Production images and videos will be sent after every inspection. 
 5) We also welcome your visit at any time.
What is the advantage for OEM business?
As a professional and innovative manufacturer, we have various shop display rack and stand products. For OEM and ODM business, 20 years experiences, 20000 squire factory, 5 workshops factory, 120 workers, 7 engineers, 5 designers, 5 QC, sufficient manufacturing capability, 3 years products assurance.
What is the payment term?
40% deposit, and 60% balance before loading, TT
What is the price term?
What is the MOQ?
10pcs or 10 sets.
What is the lead time?
We finished order by 25~30 days in the factory.
If sample, 7~10 days.
What is your company advantage?
All the items are produced by own factory, if you want to order the items design by yourself,  please let me know. We can custom design, we are very happy to produce hot sell items in your country at a competitive price.
shoe display rack
More and extra clients have greater necessities than ordinary customers for product quality, security, and facets of the shoe display rack. Because of their small size, footwear is harder to spot than clothes, bags and the like. To be capable to entice the attention of the customer, so at the shoe display rack to show up what is important.

1. By virtue of the impact of lighting
Lighting performs a key function in shoe keep decoration, like a pair of footwear lighting and do not set the lights out of the exhibit outcomes definitely different, such as a few single show high-grade women's shoe picture, must be used to shoot the light foil. The color of lamplight additionally wants appropriate, be aimed at distinct shoe, the color of lamplight also have to fluctuate somewhat, blue mild offers a character very cold, indifferent, psychedelic feel (sell sandal, slipper), yellow lamplight, shoe store exhibits ark to supply a person very warm feel (sell shoe of autumn, winter).

2. How does shoe display rack exhibit in-color
The coloration that shoe indicates ark does not prefer too bright-colored, grabbed the color of the shoe so, can't highlight the characteristic of the product. The first-rate coloration collocation needs to be to exhibit the coloration of shoe display rack to enhance the color a natural entire with the shop, let an individual see the advocate color that your shoe keep sells at a glance. And before shoe keep begins to decorate, need to let exhibit ark manufacturing unit to format properly shoe save to show ark effect diagram first, but do now not endorse shoe and beautify color to undertake definitely consistent, such meeting lets shoe save exhibit ark to sell show up very drab and inflexible, essentially show the shade of ark to prefer to spotlight the attribute of your domestic shoe.

3. How to design a shoe display rack?
The design that shoe display rack must novel, cannot too out of date. Before decorating, had better seem for a manufacturer of an expert show ark to talk design impact graph for reference, design this appreciate ought to prefer to fit with the style of your brand. And the qualitative that shoe display rack is to use woodiness commonly, above take a few paints that bake possibly stick skin to wait a moment craft, potential go attracting a guest. 
clothing display racks
In the shopping mall or clothing store, there are not only a variety of clothes but also a variety of clothing display racks. Clothing display racks in the configuration of accessories, functional design more and more human; Clothing display rack products, in essence, is to improve, improve people's living standards. Humanization has always been the ultimate design concept. Only by combining aesthetics with practicality can we provide users with the most humanized way, so that they can be satisfied and willing to buy, use and convey the culture of clothing brand through display rack.

The clothing display racks of clothing store is the first thing to attract customers' eyes. How to better use the clothing display rack of a clothing store to better attract customers and maximize the role of clothing display cabinet? Generally speaking, clothing stores display the use of cabinets is exquisite. Clothing display racks size, materials, form features consistent, consistent color, clothing store display cabinet to achieve a sense of unity. Specific clothing store shows ark apply but reference the following a few methods. In the same store, the modeling of display cabinets should be basically unified, the purpose is to create a tidy and orderly environment, providing a good atmosphere suitable for shopping. Dimension is consistent, the material is consistent, formal feature is consistent, color is consistent, make show ark obtains unified feeling.
shoe display shelves
Different commodities have different forms and functions of display shelves props. The design of the exhibition cabinet directly affects the sales volume and the image culture output of an enterprise. Then the design of shoe display shelves is the same. There are three elements to consider when designing shoe display shelves:

1. Regional factors: the shape and size of the shoe display shelves and the coordination of positions among various parts, as well as the collocation of the shoe display shelves and product colors, should give people a logical feeling on the whole.

2. Aesthetic factor: shoe rack display shelves a layout of the ark and integral space, have stability and balanced sex concurrently, the same time that has individual character and do not appear abrupt again. The theme of the brand will be better presented to consumers, pay attention to detail design, from point, line, surface combined with the core culture of the brand, complete the design of shoe display cabinet, make the product more stand out in the market, let consumers be attracted by the whole.

3.Display of products: the display and layout of goods in the store will change from static information to dynamic information, which will affect consumers' consumption behavior. The design of the product wants to mix with display each other, make reveal ark to become a "static salesperson".
clothing display racks wholesale
Clothing display rack which good? Kaierda has more than 10 years of experience in clothing display racks wholesale, according to customer requirements of specifications, styles, colors, shapes and other special design custom various types of the display rack. As an experienced supplier in the display rack industry, Kaierda would like to share some industry knowledge.

In clothing display racks design not only should consider design style, more important is to consider the dimensional design. Because each store's storefront is different, the goods may not be the same, which has different space design requirements. In general, follow these planning principles:

Grasp consumption shopping trend flow, spread brand visual information (window, graphics, etc.). Reasonable distribution of effective space, according to the situation, let consumers naturally into the brand space, browse each commodity. Build a comfortable atmosphere, even if a sofa, hook up, a cradle also can let consumer feel beautiful warmth. Clothing display cabinet with reasonable lighting, moderate sound effects, relaxed visual experience, will be a comprehensive brand culture and spirit into brilliant. When you step into its world, you will be deeply affected by the warm atmosphere everywhere. Store merchandise display, abundant but not numerous, simple but not empty, tangible and whole, change and orderly. The construction safety, fine technology, reasonable assembly, no hidden danger.

Now more and more attention to the era of customer experience, clothing display showcase space planning should also reflect a good customer experience. Not only to consider the aesthetics, functional principle also pay attention to the planning principle of space comfort.

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