What is the production process of the clothing rack

What is the production process of the clothing rack

1、 Select high quality materials

From the source to the source, to ensure quality from the source. We cooperate to each kind of material has been strictly selected layer by layer, from the source to protect the quality of products, at the source of the risk to the lowest.

2、 Advanced production technology

The company has a number of advanced large-scale equipment, from cutting, bending, slotting and other full digital operation, more accurate and standardized, absolutely meet the quality requirements of high-end brand stores; there are a number of senior welding technicians, according to the joint point of pure manual welding, each welding point is carefully polished to ensure that the welding point is smooth, firm and durable; spray painting or electroplating (iron material is spray paint, spray Before painting, apply putty, primer twice and finish twice; stainless steel is electroplated) with smooth and smooth surface.

3、 Quality monitoring system

Each link has quality control personnel, strictly monitor the quality of each link, can find quality problems in the first time, and solve the quality problems in the production link. Real time reflection of on-site production status: accurately grasp the production progress of work order, defect rate, capacity and progress of each process, so as to increase the utilization rate of production capacity and improve the accuracy of delivery time. 100% process control and 100% product inspection.

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