What Is The Effect Of Jewelry Display Showcase With Different Materials

What Is The Effect Of Jewelry Display Showcase With Different Materials

   In addition to the material, lighting and other factors, the structural modeling and location changes of the window will also bring different display effects. Of course, in terms of color and structure in line with the overall effect of coordination, the same store decoration can be matched with different materials of jewelry display showcase.


   Stainless steel is the most widely used material in stainless steel jewelry display showcase. Its structure changes in a variety of ways, which can have the effect of drawing or mirror. The colors are divided into rose gold, champagne gold, titanium gold, bronze series, black titanium, etc. It can be widely used in high-end jewelry clubs, high-end jewelry studios, high-end jewelry stores and jewelry flagship stores.


   The wooden jewelry display showcase is mainly made of wood, such as density board, big core board, plywood and so on. The surface decoration options are very rich, which can be directly painted, or pasted with panel, painted glass, marble, stainless steel or wrapped leather. There are also many choices in color.


   In terms of grade, the stainless steel jewelry display showcase is the current style because of its material characteristics and the requirements for the fineness of the process, which can be said to be the representative of the current high-end jewelry display showcase. Of course, the wooden jewelry display showcase has advantages in cost, so it is more appropriate for many jewelry merchants with limited budget to choose wooden jewelry counter. As long as the structure design is reasonable, the wooden jewelry display showcase can also achieve very good results. 

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