Color Design And Theme Expression Of Jewelry Display Showcase

Color Design And Theme Expression Of Jewelry Display Showcase

   Jewelry store design will have color matching, whether the back wall, image wall or jewelry display cabinet color will follow the principle of coordination, and has a close relationship with the theme image and culture of the brand. Today, we focus on the analysis of the relationship between the color of jewelry display cabinet and the theme performance.


    All jewelry display showcases need innovation, and innovation is based on inheriting the effect of previous plans, exploring new ideas, exploring new artistic forms and exploring new themes. The colors of jewelry display showcases are mainly white, red, gold and yellow. Designers will match colors according to brand requirements.


   The color matching of jewelry display showcase serves to create the atmosphere of the store; reasonable color can make consumers have the desire to buy. Jewelry display showcase design also needs to consider the color matching of ceiling, wall and floor at the same time.  

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