American Nail Polish

American Nail Polish

Nail polish manicure is a new, very vibrant industry, known as the gold industry of the 21st century, it is known that the manicure industry in the United States has 30 years of history, annual output value of more than one billion dollars, about a quarter of beauty workers engaged in the manicure industry. Nail salons have mushroomed in China, with tens of thousands of workers in the industry and one in five salons offering manicures. In developed western countries, people will choose this terminal trend as long as the occupation allows. The reason is that nail art is a new beauty industry with low income and high returns. For the majority of women in China, manicure is still a new and trendy fashion thing, and the operator can bring a high return with a small investment.

Since nail salons are primarily aimed at middle - and upper-income customers, it's best to locate them in an elegant shopping center, hotel or upscale residential area. Generally speaking, nail salons do not need special street-facing rooms. They can rent a small piece of business area from large beauty salons and shopping centers near high-end houses to find their own manicure workbench,such as buy one cosmetics display shelves from display stand manufacturer or retail display racks manufacturers  for your Nail polish manicure product.  Nail salons don't require space, but they do require character and style. Shop design to warm, comfortable and do not lose avant-garde, from the decoration style, layout and service to reflect their grasp of fashion and care for guests.

Business circle is the range that the attraction of a store to customers can reach, that is, the geographical range where customers live. Business circle analysis method is based on the analysis of customers within the business circle and the situation of the nail salon and the situation that may affect the operation of the nail salon. After the data collection business circle has been selected, it is time to begin the work of collecting relevant information affecting business conditions. If this work cannot be carried out, it will affect the analysis of business circle in the third stage, and then affect the development of management strategy of nail salon. As there are many items to be investigated, we only list the three elements of the business circle mentioned above for reference.

(1) consumer living conditions: including the general situation of population, number of households, population density in the business circle; Consumption level and consumption habits in business circle; The structure of business circle -- business district, office district, residential district, mixed district; And whether the future urban planning will affect the business district structure.

(2) convenient transportation conditions: including the main bus routes in the business district: road renovation plan; The main road in business circle and blocking business circle road; There is a direct relationship between the station and the crowd.

(3) crowd gathering conditions: including the flow direction, the size of the business circle, the scope of the boundary; The reasons of crowd gathering in business circle and the market potential of business circle development; The competitive relationship between the same trade in the business circle; Parking conditions, land price, housing price, etc. Of course, some of the above items can be analyzed using national and regional statistics, while other specific details need field visits.

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