All The Shop Display Furniture Products Series Here, You Can Find Them All You Want Here

All The Shop Display Furniture Products Series Here, You Can Find Them All You Want Here

Foshan Kaierda display furniture Co., LTD, is a comprehensive and versatile display furniture design and manufacturers, which specialized in design and production, decoration and construction for shop displays, likes clothing, bag, shoe, cosmetic, jewelry, mobile phone, glasses. Since 1999, with years of development, Kaierda as one of leading brand display rack manufacture in China with smart market insight, great products research, unique design ideas. Now the sales network goes through Asia, Africa, Americas, and Europe. Also cooperated with kinds of famous clothing brand home and abroad.the-shop-display-furniture-products-series-here.jpg

About the clothing brand stores and clothes display racks series. The clothing display rack is a shelf that displays its clothing. The purpose of using the clothing shelf is to better display the three-dimensional effect of boutique clothing. To attract the eye of customers to stimulate the purchase desire of customers, the art of boutique clothing rack, has a long history. About the traditional clothing rack is only used for architecture. The clothing store decoration with the development of fashion brands. The clothing rack design of the current clothing store, from texture. The style has been greatly improved. Clothing display racks are made of wood or other materials that have been designed and processed. And equipped with lighting effect can fully display products three-dimensional sense and aesthetic clothing shelf clothing display rack is three-dimensional or flat to show clothing. Looking for more clothes shop decoration design and clothes display rack, please visit the web site

About the cosmetics display shelf series. The cosmetic shop decoration display shelf is generally based on modern simple style, fashion, simple and simple. The design of the doorway must be marked, decorate material to choose as far as possible good, want to build a kind of high-end feeling to the customer. Store design a few mirrors more, let a customer in the process of makeup can see clear effect at all times. Looking for more cosmetic shop decoration design and makeup display shelf, please visit the web site

About the jewelry display showcase and jewelry shop furniture design series. Jewelry display showcases should be harmonious, not disorderly. Booth is composed of many aspects, such as lighting, color, charts, exhibits, exhibition racks, etc. Good jewelry cabinet design is to integrate these factors into one, so as to achieve the purpose of display. Jewelry display showcase design should be simple and easy, not complex, focus prominent. Looking for more jewelry shop decoration design and jewelry display showcase, more watch display showcase and eyeglass showcase, please visit the web site


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