Jewellery Shop Counter Design

Jewellery Shop Counter Design

The design of jewellery shop counter and make it is a strict craft process, the element of the class discretion that affects jewellery shop counter designis very much, and the design of jewellery shop counterand jeweller shop face decorate perfect cooperate very important, both supplement each other mutually, perfect and harmonious ability produces the effect that let a person think less than.

First cases to the designer in the process of plane layout, the area of the jewelry store to precise positioning and space size, for the counter put with space design from the start, not a little careless, otherwise the customer will be entering a door layout and space of the visual and psychological for their own brand. So go up in the design and decorate planar graph cooperate is recently this also is the most important link.

Secondly, jewellery shop counter designto cooperate with the store decoration style, jewelry store full of treasures in eyes, light gold area, diamond area, jade area, pearl area let the customer overwhelmed, so a good decoration style is very important. And the design of our jewelry counter should be based on this style to determine their own tone and characteristics, so as to highlight the brand connotation and exhibit advantages. The perfect integration of the production and decoration style of the display case will also allow customers to achieve a pleasant enjoyment.

In the design of jewellery shop counter design , the plan of jewelry exhibition cabinet mainly reflects the exhibition scale, space division and area of jewelry exhibition cabinet, as well as the proportion scale of props and display composition and plane. Once the plan is determined, the area of the whole jewelry exhibition cabinet, the direction of the passageway and the spatial composition are clear. Therefore, before carrying out the plan, it is necessary to make a full analysis of the information of jewelry exhibition jewellery shop counter design , so as to grasp the requirements of the whole exhibition and the relationship and weight between each exhibition part and the audience.

In a word, jewellery shop counter designwith store decoration is an extremely necessary measure, more from the perspective of customers, understand the dynamics of the industry market, more to observe and learn from excellent exhibition work and decoration style, innovation, can not be replaced in the fierce competition.The-design-of-jewellery-shop.jpg

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