High End Jewelry Showcase Are Recommended For All Jewelry Stores

High End Jewelry Showcase Are Recommended For All Jewelry Stores

At present, the jewelry showcase in some jewelry stores are miscellaneous, except that some jewelry stores with brand names use high-end stainless steel jewelry display cabinets. Of course, it is recommended that all jewelry stores adopt high-end jewelry shop cabinet  for many reasons. Here are two points of view.


This year, author went to the jewelry store to pay attention to other people's jewelry counter when he went back to his hometown for the new year's Eve. The wood is made of wood and metal materials. Although it's not old, it always seems not atmospheric. The color of wood is reddish brown, which makes me feel that it's not suitable. I think it should be purchased in the market. Although the jewelry store has a large flow of people, few people buy jewelry. The specific reason is not clear, but a friend said: many people come to understand the price, and then go to big cities to buy! Why go to big cities to buy? In my opinion, there is no real attraction to customers. Even if the price of a same jewelry is cheaper than that of a big city, if you put it in the wood jewelry, it can't reflect its value, and really attract customers, making customers feel that it's authentic!


Although the wooden display cabinets are calm and atmospheric, they are all relatively popular stainless steel electroplating types, with excellent display effect, and are widely used in jewelry / jewelry showcase. In fact, if you find out with your heart, you will know that Zhou Shengsheng / Zhou Liufu, these famous jewelry stores, use this kind of materials as Exhibition cabinets, because they have become the mainstream materials for counter production since 2015!


    The last thing is to pay attention to the matching of lighting. For example, gold ornaments can be illuminated by cold light cup, while silver products or gem products can be illuminated by sun cup. Due to the heat generation, it is necessary to consider the treatment of the heat dissipation factors of the exhibition cabinet. For example, if the cost of the project permits, optical fiber lighting is also a good choice. The advantage is that it will not bring to the exhibition cabinet Too much heat. The lighting design focuses on the principle of invisible light, highlighting the displayed items.


The above introduction is the combination of the materials and lighting of the display counter. Using the above combinations, jewelry can be better displayed in front of people's eyes, so it is important to keep up with the mainstream.

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