5 Steps To Make A Jewelry Cabinet

5 Steps To Make A Jewelry Cabinet

Before making jewelry exhibition cabinets, we need to make clear the production process. Only in this way can we make it more clearly in the process of implementation. Next, Zhuoya will analyze the five steps of exhibition cabinet processing for you, and interested friends can understand them together.

1. Size measurement on site

Display cabinet production belongs to customized products, it is not the same as standard products, as long as you pay to buy it. All data are customized according to the actual situation of the site. Only after the actual size of the site is determined can the later material opening be carried out, so that the production of the display cabinet will also be consistent with the actual size of the customer's area, and will not waste a bit of space.

2. Opening treatment

After the panel material and size are determined, the actual cutting processing shall be carried out according to the size. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the beauty of the line and the smoothness of the edge, so that the exhibition cabinet can be very beautiful.


3. Material selection

When choosing the corresponding materials, the jewelry exhibition cabinet manufacturers will also purchase according to the product attributes that customers actually want to place. For example, if it is a mechanical product with large weight, it is necessary to use a panel with strong compressive capacity, such as the steel panel, which has better bearing capacity.

4. Paint treatment in the production of display cabinet

The manufacturer of the exhibition cabinet should polish the surface before the paint treatment. The polishing tool used here is sandpaper. When polishing, it should not be too hard or too small. Only the experienced master can control the strength in the middle. After polishing, the paint shall be applied twice, including the application of primer and finishing coat. The uniformity of paint surface shall be maintained during the application process, so that the surface will have good luster after drying.

5. Product packaging

Packaging is to avoid damage to the surface of the goods during transportation. Generally, the top, bottom, left and right sides of the display cabinet are filled with pearl cotton and other bubble protection devices.

The five main steps in the production of display cabinet are on-site dimension measurement, cutting, material selection, paint surface treatment and product packaging.


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